Allied Telesis AT-iMG634WB-R2 AT-iMG634WB-R2 ADSL Multiservice Gateway with Analog VoIP Ports and 802.11bg Wireless Interface

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The iMG634WB-R2, part of Allied Telesis’s iMG gateways, is aimed at the evolving requirements found within the residential markets. The iMG634WB-R2 provides a two times increase in packets per second that are processed, this means that higher data rates are supported on the services side of the iMG for routing, NAT and firewall processing. The iMG634WB-R2 intelligent Multiservice Gateways provide multiple IP-based broadband services to the home over a high-speed, always on broadband connection. The combined delivery of IP Triple Play services – voice, video and data – benefits both service providers and their customers. Service providers can quickly deliver advanced services such as fast Internet, VoIP, IPTV and Video on Demand in a scalable way with complete remote management. End users benefit by having a unique device interconnecting all peripherals, computers, wireless devices, analog and VoIP telephones to a single broadband uplink. THe 802.11bg Wireless interface enable the user to benefit of a home network wireless connection