3800765 UNITRONIC® ST 1x2x24AWG Lapp Kabel

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Cable Make Up

Tinned Copper Strands conductor, Polyethylene Insulated, Cores twisted into Pair, Overall Polyester Aluminum Foil screen with 24AWG Tinned Copper Drain Wire, Overall Tinned Copper Wire Braid shield 90% coverage, PVC Outer Sheath Flame retardant.

Technical Data

Conductor             : Strands Tinned Anneal Copper 


No of Pair              : 1 Pair 


Insulation               : Polyethylene 

                              : Ø1.62mm   Approx. 


Core Color             :  – White/Blue Stripe, +  Blue/White Stripe  


Cross Section        : 24AWG   


Shield Screen        : 1st Layer overall wrapped with Polyester Aluminum Foil 100% coverage plus  

                               24AWG  Tinned Copper Wire Stranded. 

                             : 2nd Layer overall Braid with Tinned Copper Wire , 90% coverage. 


Outer Sheath          : PVC Flame Retardant 

                              : Pebble Grey (RAL 7032) 


Cable Diameter      : Approx. Ø5.90mm