3800764 Unitronic ST 1X2X22AWG, shielded twisted pair

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Cable Make Up:

Tinned Copper Strands Conductor, Polyethylene Core Insulation, 2 Cores twisted into Pairs, Overall Polyester Aluminum  Foil  Screen  100%  shielded  with  22AWG  Strands  Tinned  Copper  drain  wire, PVC  Outer  Sheath Flame Retardant. 


Technical Data

Conductor             : Strands Tinned Anneal Copper 


No of Pair               : 1 Pair 


Cross Section         : 22AWG (7 x 0.254mm) 


Insulation               : Polyethylene 

                                Ø1.56mm  Approx 


Core Color             : 1st Pair-Black and Nature 


Shield Screen         : Overall Polyester Aluminum Foil 100% coverage with 22AWG Strands Tinned  

                                Copper drain wire. 


Outer Sheath         : PVC Flame Retardant 

                             : Pebble Grey (RAL 7032) 

                             : Thickness 0.64mm 


Cable Diameter       : Approx. Ø4.45mm