3800720 Lapp Kabel COAXIAL CABLE RG11/U 75 Ohm, UV Resistant

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 Bare Copper Coated Steel Conductor, Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Insulated, Overall Bonded Polyester Aluminum 100% shielded with Overall Aluminum Wire Braided Screen 62% coverage, PVC Outer sheath flame retardant and UV-resistant.

Technical Data

Conductor Material             : Copper Coated Steel Wire 


Conductor cross-section     : 14AWG, Solid 


No of Core                         : 1 x Ø1,63mm 


Insulation                           : Gas injected Foam Polyethylene 

                                          : Thickness 2.75mm 

                                          : Nominal Ø7,12mm ± 0,30mm 


Shield screen          : 1st Layer bonded with Polyester Aluminum Foil Screen 100% shielded,  

                              : 2nd Layer Overall Aluminum Braid minimum 62% coverage. 


Outer Sheath           : PVC Flame Retardant  

                               : Black  ( RAL 9005) UV-Resistant 

Cable Diameter       : Approx. Ø10,20mm